Jewellery photography tips for beginners

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important for jewellery designers to be able to market and sell jewellery online

One of the best ways to do this is by creating high-quality social media content that shows your product in the best light, and is designed to attract the most attention possible.

At GEM Photo School, our classes are designed to help you get there. Over ten lessons, we explore the art of composition, lighting, social media strategy and more. Each lesson gets steadily more advanced as we move past the basics and into the art of photography and marketing. 

In this article, we’ve chosen a few key things to keep in mind as a beginner – but if you want access to all our photography tips and tricks, be sure to enrol as a GEM Photo School member today. 

Tip number one: Set up your phone camera properly

Phones are perfectly fine for social media content. In fact, we expect you to be using one. That said, you shouldn’t...

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